Harmony : Adam Trest

Harmony by Adam Trest is finally here! This incredible collection was created for Festival South. A celebration of the arts in Hattiesburg, MS. Adam was inspired by the shapes and forms of musical instruments. Combined with his signature Southern flora and fauna these pieces capture Mississippi perfectly. 

"When I was asked to be the Poster Artist for this year's Festival South, I knew that I wanted to explore the beautiful forms of musical instruments. The events surrounding Festival South bring so much beauty to our area in the form of concerts and productions, I wanted to make sure that my collection made visual art accessible to people in the way that Festival South makes their events accessible to the people of South Mississippi."

Floral Fanfare
"As I worked through this collection, I was constantly inspired by the shapes and forms of musical instruments. I simplified their forms to get to the heart of the instruments, and then celebrated their forms by matching the organic shapes with the forms of florals found in nature. I love that they are all in settings they shouldn't be in. Instruments laying around in the grass would probably not be great for them, but I loved the juxtaposition of these refined shapes next to the organic forms that inspired them."

Blooming Horn
" I am always at war with color. I typically work with a pretty restrictive palette, so whenever I place a color next to another, it is an experiment to see how they talk to each other. In this collection, my biggest challenges came from fighting the urge to be overly simplistic or overly fussy. I found the balance of positive and negative space when the subject of my work was as beautifully simple as a horn... I found myself fighting the urge to overwhelm the negative space with too much while also making sure that I used enough forms to ensure the composition was still interesting."
Snare and Bells
I think the goal of this collection is to help the viewer really see the forms of the instruments I chose to feature. So often we only see these instruments "in action", but I took this opportunity to explore these forms that will never make an audible melody, but instead they will make visual music.

Resonance in Bloom
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