Dreamlike Mississippi by Andrea Kostyal

With ethereal beauty, Andrea has captured the essence of small town Mississippi from the coast to the hills. Each abstract piece is unique. "My paintings are mixed media acrylic and oil on canvas using photo transfer technique that I integrate into the paintings and move them from realism to abstraction," said Andrea.

The Crossroads Marker

"My paintings are inspired by living and traveling through and around Mississippi. As a cityscape artist I love architecture and manmade structure’s connection with nature. I have been painting Hattiesburg, Columbia, Pass Christian for over ten years and I extended my interest from the beautiful Gulf coast, Southern Mississippi to all the way to the Delta and Tupelo. I visited Columbus, Vicksburg, Greenville, Clarksdale, Oxford and Tupelo. I took many images of their Downtown’s beautiful brick buildings, courthouses and clock towers."

The Balcony

"I was daily inspired by the warm feeling of old town Mississippi. Every single place I traveled to, I made friends and connections, and learned so much of the history of each town and their rich culture."

Square in Oxford

Andrea strikes a balance between realism and abstraction, aiming to express the dreamlike essence of a town while maintaining its recognizability. She created something that people could connect with, while also transporting them to an imaginary place.

Green Alley

Andrea aspires to showcase the beauty of Mississippi through her art and to convey her personal expression by capturing familiar and charming urban spaces. Through her paintings of downtown scenes, she aims to provide a unique opportunity for viewers to connect with the artwork on a personal level.

Blues Club


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