Bring The Light Of Your Own Soul To The Dim Places Around You : Michelle Allee

Michelle was looking for the joy in everyday moments throughout her journey in creating this collection. These pieces are so hopeful! 

Say, Say, Oh, Playmate
Michelle dug deep to create this collection. She relied on her usual narrative to create new and jolly pieces bursting with life. When talking about inspiration she said, "So much loss and sadness in the past year, I was looking for the Joy in the everyday moments. The slice of life that can be unnoticed when the other parts of life get loud. It was a beautiful reframe and I found beauty everywhere."
She Flies with Her Wings
Top of mind for Michelle during her creative process were: Nature, Friendship, and Unconditional Love. You can feel the love in each piece.

Royal Subject
"Of course, there will always be sadness and loss but that too is a beautiful part of life. I learned to make friends with it."
Boys Will Be Boys
"To bring joy to those that view this work. Miracles are everywhere, you just need to stay present and notice."

I Love You with All My Heart
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