Ambiguity by Shelley Bolton

Ambiguity by Shelley Bolton or SHEEBO. Born from the beauty of nature: sunlit paths showcasing shadows and line segments and the juxtaposition to one another. This collection is stunning! Paper pieces and canvases in various sizes available.
In the Waiting
Shelley was driven by "taking line study in nature and pushing it back to its most simplest form, and then pivoting and trying to rebuild into a more figurative landscape form."

City Set on a Hill
Shelley's cool color palettes are highlighted by great warmth. She creates entire environments using abstract techniques that really shine as landscapes.

What Can We Say

"I am making thousands of decisions each with a domino affect. Every stroke I make then opens up endless possibilities for my next move. The push and pull of solving the composition is endless, very challenged by what to leave pushed back into simple form and what to move into more a more figurative feel."

Turtles on a Fence Post
" I hope [Ambiguity] evokes a sense of curiosity and thankfulness — one for the differences in how we see things and for the beauty that lay all around us daily pushing our imaginations."
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