Collection: Julia Reyes

Collection: About Julia Reyes

As a native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Julia has spent most of her life breathing in its salty air.  Her passion for exploration and nature is often a catalyst for much of her work. It leads to her playing on the deconstruction of her findings and exploring ways of portraying new truths through abstraction. This keeps her relentlessly curious with an approach to embracing her work and life as a playful battle. 

Julia holds a BFA with an emphasis in Painting from Mississippi State University. She has collaborated with several community organizations and businesses over the years, owned and managed a Gallery/Studio, served as Museum Education/Outreach Coordinator, and Creative Direction for other organizations. 

More recently, Reyes has shifted her focus on large scale murals and projects that allow her to push the limits of painting in new ways. This allows her to enjoy problem solving and engaging with others through the making of creative habitats.