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Southern Echoes, by Lauren Dunn

Southern Echoes The memories that take up space in your brain, the ones that have stood the test of time, the untouched nostalgia that echoes throughout your life and tells your journey, those memories are at the heart of my series, “Southern Echoes”.  It’s the...

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Wonder Series, by Shelby Kizer

WONDER When I began working on this series of paintings, I knew that I wanted to capture the beauty of God found in nature. I had just finished my series, “Hope”, where I painted landscapes inspired by photos that were taken at the most beautiful places all around the...

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Art of Adaption, by David Johnson’s the phrase that has permeated the minds of all humankind,forever changing our trajectories and way of life. It totally changed mine in a matter ofweeks, cancelling all that had been planned and upending a business model that hadbeen successful for 10...

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The Language of Walter Anderson, by Adam Trest

I hear it almost every time I post an image of my work, especially from Mississippians, “Your work reminds me of Walter Anderson.” I always smile politely, because the person doesn’t realise that they have just given me the highest compliment I could receive. But...

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SOLITUDE: Robin Whitfield’s Artistic Journey

This spring has been different to say the least. Solitude, blurring of days, quiet mind, alert senses, abundant uncertainty. This list sums up my experience during shelter in place but it also sums up my experience from my most productive and creative times over the...

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Be Still and Know, guest blogger Shelby Leigh Designs

When all this craziness first started, I didn't feel the emotional effects of it immediately, As the days turned to weeks the reality of it all started setting in. I started feeling so anxious. There was this pit in my stomach that I could not get to go away. I have...

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Life Is Beautiful

Life is a gift that is sent. My only job is to discover the message I am to carry and share it with the rest of the world. Simple, right?! We are all creating a work of art with our lives.  We experience, experiment and dig deep to find our meaning.....the purpose...

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Art and Wine Dinner with Cindy Aune

| ART AND WINE DINNER WITH CINDY AUNE Cindy Aune is an Oxford artist who has shown at the Caron Gallery from the very beginning. She works in acrylic, mixed media and often paints with her fingertips. In this video, she discusses her painting process during one of our...

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Painting Workshop with Cindy Aune

| PAINTING CLASS WITH CINDY AUNE Paint workshop with Oxford artist Cindy Aune from January! Cindy says, "I owned a successful wholesale business for twenty-five years. Life events forced me to close my company. I began to paint canvases, rather badly, but filling my...

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