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Reared in the Mississippi Delta, Rick Anderson believes there is some “magic” in the South, and it is where he fell in love with art, starting his lifelong journey of creation. He displays his contemporary realist style, combining abstract forms with realistic images in numerous galleries. His favorite media are acrylic, watercolor, and pencil, which he often mixes to create landscapes and other pieces. Although his gallery works are at times wildly imaginative, Anderson also enjoys painting realistic illustrations in the children's books that he illustrates. A retrospective exhibit of Rick’s work would reveal a wide range of techniques, from photographic pencil drawings to small and large contemporary two-dimensional mixed media work on canvas and paper. With a career spanning over 40 years, he has worked both as a professional artist and an art educator. His commitment to producing art while teaching made an impression on his students and a number of them still consider him a mentor and friend. . Rick is on both the artist and art education rosters of the Mississippi Arts Commission which features professional artists or arts educators who devote their time to practicing, performing or teaching their discipline. He has presented to schools throughout the U.S. and Germany, promoting literacy through book illustration, painting, and two-dimensional mixed media studio art workshops. Most days Rick can be found in his home studio in Clinton, MS creating new works.

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