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Mary graduated from Mississippi University for Women in the year 2000, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She is a lifelong resident of Mississippi and works in the field of mental health. Art was not a part of her academic curriculum, but it was always a part of her life. A self-taught artist, she’s been painting for as long as she can remember. In the beginning, it was strictly a personal affair, a way to blow off steam. However, she began to show her work both at shows and online, starting in 2008. She took the pseudonym ‘Mary’ in honor of her grandmother. Mary’s work has always incorporated found objects. In the past, she never used canvas, only objects such as old wood to paint on, primarily in acrylic. As she’s grown more experienced, she’s experimented with making the textures of her work more elaborate as well, using papier mache. She has also begun to include pieces of things that no longer have a home, giving them a new one in her work. She focuses on expressing emotion and finding light. Mythology and symbolism nestle in the paint.

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