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I have lived in Itawamba County my entire life and was raised by a good Christian family. I worked at my father’s business throughout my school years and learned many things, a good work ethic and to never stop learning, growing and attempting new things. After graduating from Itawamba Agricultural High School, I began working in the furniture industry and it has been my livelihood ever since. I had always had some interest in working with wood. I made a table for my wife soon after we were married and have refinished some antique pieces. After seeing some articles in magazines and a T.V. show about woodturning, I had briefly mentioned that I thought it would be an interesting thing to try. Without my knowing, my wife contacted a wood turner and set up a time in his shop for me to find out how interested I really was. She surprised me with this appointment along with some magazines about the craft as a Christmas gift. After spending a day with Mr. Wiggington I was completely hooked. Soon after, I purchased a second hand lathe and some tools. I have learned a lot after watching many videos, reading many articles and much trial and error. My first attempts were a bit crude but the projects have become easier with some experience and patience. I enjoy taking an ordinary piece of wood that would otherwise be discarded and turning it into something beautiful and useful. Usually the disfigured, knotted and twisted wood has the most unique and eye catching grain patterns. What is inside still amazes me. God is the artist and Master Craftsman; I can only attempt to bring out the beauty that He has hidden inside. My hope is to keep wood turning and trying new ideas and would like someday to pass on my love of this craft to one or more of my four children. A couple of them have already shown some interest.

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