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Jane Dill was born in Thailand to a Thai mother and a Columbus, Mississippi father. She grew up in West Point, Mississippi with her aunt and uncle, a librarian and a judge, and her brother. Jane has considered herself an artist since kindergarten. She went to WPHS and later received a degree from MUW in Fine Arts and a degree from MSU in French. Jane held several jobs and worked a few years as an Art/French teacher. She became mentally disabled and found solace in her artwork. She has only been doing pottery for a few years and is still learning. All of her work is hand-built and not made on a wheel. Her art expresses her optimism and her joie de vivre with bright colors and interesting circles and stripes. Jane's work continues to evolve. She spends her time creating in her patio space and finds pottery-making very therapeutic. Jane is married and has a chihuahua named Chico.

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