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The song “Whistle While You Work” takes on new meaning with my current passion, Musical Whistles. I form animals, birds, or “whatever tickles my fancy” into hollow whistles, and then add more holes, tweet the openings just “so” until they make up to eight sounds depending on the piece. Since I also play the piano, I find great joy in combining sound with form. Each piece is unique and original because all whistles are hand-built with firing clay. No molds are used and all textures are hand formed or pressed with found objects. Each piece is carefully glazed and fired again. I call them my “babies” waiting to find their home. I received my BA in Art Education and MA in Art Education from the University of MS. I am also National Board Certified and taught art in public schools throughout Northeast MS for 30.5 years. I have had my work displayed at the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, TN, University of MS Gallery in Oxford, MS, several festivals and shows throughout MS and TX, including the Gumtree, and at the Bi-State Art Competition in Meridian, MS where I won a Purchase Award with the oil painting, “The Woodcarver”. I currently have work represented at The ATHunn Gallery in Savannah, Georgia and the Caron Gallery in downtown Tupelo.

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