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Antoinette was born in Johannesburg South Africa, but raised in Namibia, a semi-desert part of Southern Africa. While studying in Potchefstroom, South Africa she met her husband, Koos. They raised 3 beautiful daughters and her pottery career started in 1981 when she took a basic pottery class. In 1995 Antoinette took part in her first exhibitions and it was during this year that she won the award for non-functional pottery in the Association of Potters, Northern Transvaal annual competition. Since then she had several opportunities to show her work in different galleries and museums across South Africa. The Silver Jubilee exhibition featured South African award winning ceramic artists in 1998 during the 25th anniversary of APSA Southern Africa and she was fortunate to partake in this prestigious event. A year later, in 1999 she, along with her family moved to Mississippi in the United States and she found herself without a studio to work in. Not allowed to earn an income, she traded her knowledge and expertise for working space in pottery studios around Northeast Mississippi. She trained several potters while she worked to obtain a green card for her and her family. Antoinette exhibited in art galleries and museums and won awards on National and International levels during this time. Her work was accepted in several private and museum collections, including those of George and Laura Bush and Joan Bias. In 2001 Antoinette obtained permanent residency for her and her family in the category “extraordinary ability in the field of ceramic”, after meeting different artistic criteria and is now a citizen of the United States. She continued to participate in group and one man exhibitions including shows in Portugal and Japan. She also did several fairs and festivals of which a highlight was the 2013 American Craft Exhibition in Chicago, one of the most prestigious museum shows in the United States. Antoinette made a huge, risky change in her work in 2005 when she changed from creating pit fired porcelain to translucent porcelain. It turned out to be a good change; her work was accepted favorably in the arts community and her opportunities expanded. She pushed the limits with porcelain, while finding herself on the edge of new discoveries all the time. Since working with translucent porcelain, Antoinette also found herself teaching and writing about the material and several of her articles were published in national and international ceramics magazines. She also wrote about and reviewed several other ceramic artists and ceramic shows. While living just north of Chicago for a few years, she was, as always, inspired by nature and its rhythms and the influence of the snow shows in her white translucent porcelain creations. She and her husband are back in Mississippi, where they launched the first international porcelain e-course from her own studio. In 2014 Antoinette expanded her international workshops to Canada and South Africa. Antoinette has a passionate love for her work and hope that it is evident in her work.

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