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Alexis Gregg and Tanner Coleman collaborate on sculpture with cultural and societal implications and in 2012 created their business: AnT Sculpture and Design LLC. Each having their own background in sculptural methods with clay, brick, and other materials the two found a common interest in public art and permanent installation techniques. Conceptually their work is a result of their research on specific locations that are then filtered through their contemporary artistic lens. When creating public works the improvement of community spaces through socially relevant sculpture is at the forefront of their initiative. Functionality is integrated into their permanent works by incorporating bench seats, tunnels, bridges, slides, ramps, and climbing ropes. The studio work of Tanner and Alexis revolves around the same cultural research and ideas but begins to ask questions of the society and how icons, patterns, and beliefs have changed in the current contemporary setting. The whimsical aesthetic of their work remains but a subversive undertone is undoubtedly present.

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